Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lesson 28 - Body Parts

This week we are looking at parts of the body. Clicking on each of the body parts written in Maori on the list below will take you a link where you will be able to hear the words spoken to you.

  • Arero tongue
  • Ihu nose
  • Kakī neck
  • Kauae, kauwae chin
  • Māhunga hair (when used for hair must always be used in plural, indicated by ngā [the, plural]), head
  • Niho teeth
  • Poho chest (also called uma)
  • Puku belly, stomach
  • Ringa hand, arm
  • Turi knee (also known as pona)
  • Upoko head
  • Waewae foot, feet, leg, legs
The material from this post has been taken from the New Zealand History website.

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