Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lesson 27 - Asking someone where another person is from

To ask the question 'Where is he from?' or 'Where is she from?' we use the same structure, regardless of gender:

No hea ia? - Where is he from
No hea ia? - Where is she from

To answer the question we simply replace 'ia' with the place that the person is from:

No Paraparaumu ia - He/she is from Paraparaumu
No Porirua ia - He / she is from Porirua

Note: there should be a macron over the 'o' in 'no'

To guide you with pronunciation with this lesson, click here to check out the Toku Reo website activity for the same concept.


  1. i have never knowen too understand

  2. We dont do many Maori lessons anymore anyway, and I would rather learn french but im happy to learn another language!

  3. i will never understand the language of Maroi

  4. maori is FUN !! :D but ... it can sometimes be borinq but , it pays off (:

  5. this looks really hard to learn but i think i will get it

  6. i only remember the numbers :/

  7. maori is one of the easyest languages to learn so it will be pretty easy