Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lesson 15 - two digit numbers

In this lesson we will be learning about two digit numbers beyond those ending in zero. The system for two digit numbers is very consistent. Here are some examples:

75 is whitu tekau ma rima - seven tens and five
43 is wha tekau ma toru - four tens and three
31 is toru tekau ma tahi - three tens and one

Using the above examples can you name some of your own two digit numbers? Give it a go.


  1. Its not that hard because all you need to learn are mostly just 10 letters.

  2. WOW, my brain is dazaled! I guess if I spent some time learning I might get it but looking all that, i'm dazzaled!

  3. I really think that these will be really hard!!!!!

  4. I'm the same as Phoebe i'm bad at learning some languages.

  5. what on earth is this it is hard

  6. this is going to be a DISASTER