Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lesson 14 - counting in tens to 100

This week we are learning to count in tens, fro 10 to 100.

tekau 10,
rua tekau 20,
toru tekau 30,
whā tekau 40,
rima tekau 50,
ono tekau 60,
whitu tekau 70,
waru tekau 80,
iwa tekau 90,
kotahi rau 100.

For pronunciation practice, click here to see an activity from the excellent website.


  1. WOW that looks hard!!!!!! How long will Te Reo moari go on for or will it be on going during the year?????

  2. I kind of already no how to do all of that. :)

  3. omg i don't even know 1 to 10 off by heart and well i don't want to

  4. Wow . I could say im that old when im WHA TEKAU!

  5. thats easy when you think about it