Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lesson 41 - Maori place names

Back in lessons 28 and 29 we looked at asking and answering the question:

No hea koe? (there is a macron above the 'o' in 'No') - Where are you from?

No Paraparaumu ahau - I am from Paraparaumu

No hea ia? - Where is he from?

No Paraparaumu ia - He is from Paraparaumu

No hea ia? - Where is she from

No Porirua ia - She is from Porirua

In this lesson we are looking at introducing some more place names in Te Reo Maori. To do this I have added this link to a map of Aotearoa (from the wonderful Korero Maori website) that includes place names for islands, towns, cities, towns and compass points throughout our beautiful country.

The site is particularly useful, as clicking on the place names will let you hear the correct pronunciation of each location.

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