Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lesson 25 - Telling the time at quarter to the hour

In the previous three lessons we have looked at telling the time on the hour, at half past the hour, and at quarter past the hour. This week we are looking at telling the time at quarter to the hour. Here are five examples:
  • koata ki te tahi karaka (quarter to one)
  • koata ki te wha karaka (quarter to four)
  • koata ki te whitu karaka (quarter to seven)
  • koata ki te iwa karaka (quarter to nine)
  • koata ki te tekau ma rua karaka (quarter to twelve)
For your own learning, come up with your own example and leave it as a comment for this post.


  1. I often use the word hauwhā- as in "Hauwhā ki te tahi karaka" instead.

    1. That is more correct. well, less transliterate anyway.

  2. still can't undersatnd moari and big chance i never will

  3. This is hard for me, but I guess if I can learn French I can learn Maori because Maori is surposed to be the easist language in the world!...

  4. I often use the word hauwhā- as in "Hauwhā ki te tahi karaka" instead

  5. it's nearly koata ki te toru karaka

  6. I can't speak maori it"s very hard of me