Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lesson 10 - more answers to 'Kei te pehea koe?'

Last week we looked at answering the question:

Kei te pehea koe? (how are you? - to one person)

The answer we focused on was:

Kei te pai

This week we look at more responses to the question through the same Toku Reo video that was linked to last week's post. Click here to check it out, where you will see these responses:

Kei te ngenge ahau (I am tired)
Kei te maauiui ahau (I am sick)
Kei te ora (I am well)
Kei te ruha (I am exhausted)
Kei te hiakai (I am hungry)
Kei te hiainu (I am thirsty)
Kei te hiamoe (I am sleepy)


  1. I am mostly always Kei te ruha after lunch.

  2. oh I am so Kei te hiamoe when I get to school in the morning

  3. i still don't get moari grrrrrrrrr

  4. I am mostly Kei te ruha and Kei te hiamoe after lunch and at the end of the day!!

  5. kei te pai to all of those pepz out there

  6. The same things occur in french and moari some are easy to notice what the words are but some aren't. It is so confusing.

  7. I am kei te hiakai after school!!

  8. kei te pai ahau

  9. as most of you see , im usually kei te ngenge ahau :L