Monday, March 21, 2011

Lesson 3 - Greeting someone by their name

Kia ora. When you greet someone by name in Maori, there are some simple rules to follow:
  • If the name is a Maori name and has only one or two syllables, it is preceded by 'e', for example 'Kia ora e Tane'.
  • If the name is a Maori name and has more than two syllabyls, the preceding 'e' isn't required, for example 'Tēnā koe Ngahuia'.
  • If the name is an English name the preceding 'e' is not required, regardless of how many syllables are in the name, for example 'Kia ora Tim', and 'Tēnā koe Timothy'.


  1. well we have not learned enough maori we have done it twice boooooo

  2. I have trouble with maori, I don't really get it because it doesn't sound a bit like english like French.

  3. We Got A Teacher That Knows Moari! Called Matua Paul

  4. we got teacher know moari